About CTRL



CTRL is a British independent sci-fi film that follows a reclusive programmer, his sister and her new boyfriend after they are held hostage by a rapidly evolving computer virus. It is the first feature film from award winning director Harry Lindley. CTRL was shot in April-May 2016.


Lex arrives at her reclusive brother Leo’s apartment for a long-overdue reconciliation. She is accompanied by her new boyfriend Dru who is eager to impress their inscrutable host. Unfortunately, Leo is far more interested in his creation “DAISY” – a computer virus that is evolving at an alarming rate. As the siblings reconnect and rediscover an unsettling familiarity, Dru is increasingly sidelined in a situation he can’t control. He attempts to leave, only to find that DAISY has locked them in. Things go from bad to worse as the trio are plagued by maggots and flies, that appear to be controlled by their omniscient captor DAISY.

In a now-hostile environment, they must stay united to have any chance of escaping Leo’s godlike creation.


CTRL: Nine Laws is the short-film precursor to CTRL. Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired graciously allowed us to draw heavily on his ‘Nine Laws of God’ for the voiceover.